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ryy8 o Example: lineage/cell autonomous gene function Asymmetric cell division in C.e/egans The first cleavage of the zygote is asymmetrical leading to a large-r anterior and a srn-Eiiei!56ieiioi A{4 celt pl o - t\Ae$uya qn€ wte l( {ortroltpdl Ualr,,la1.r (KW 4a #t *ny i.e{t<etl atlfttlt(il. -cfu,\unuyls| b1 celt<t11 :1na\lir1 &_ \:,Mwff. Cell fate determination in the C. elegans @ t ^n invarianitell lineage doesn't mean cirmpletely cell-autonomous development ' stereotypic cleavages ensure invariant cell- cells contacts allowing invariant cell-cell signalting t Adorr fff'-gggis determined bv either of: ?wW \1,/ (a)position/cell-cellsignaling/non-cellautonomousgene functions (Notch/Delta, Wnt/wingless)
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Unformatted text preview: (b) lineagglgell-autonomous gene function goonf.J of ,f {o czt\ '{ V {"^d,vtb. Wild type W The first cleavage is symmetrical in Par-mutants Par mutants were identified in genetic screens for embryonic lethal mutations with symmetrical first cleavage. Palitioning defective = Par Par-3 mutant Par proteins are adaptor proteins or kinases Looalization PAH-1 $arlThr Kinase Posle*oreortsx PAR-2 RING flnger Posterior cortex PAR-3 SP1Z Anterior cortex PAR-4 Ser/Thr Kinas Uniform ccrtex PAR-s 14-3-9 hsmslog Uni{orm cortax PAR"6 PDZ, semi-CRIB Anterior {ortex PKC-3 aPKC homolog Anterior cortex i Ne. &o*27.d61S rdbr (M)...
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