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7125t2008 4 \l Par proteins localize to the cortex non-overlapping domains ants;or ./-r_;;-\ Po*er;o, (;' -:|-O \ftr ,/ soerm .R:: -_--4- PAR.3 PA8-3 <omplex 1 PAR.2 I PAR- 1 "ffi '[email protected] F -d::h^'. #v:1y:1 \ 6##iY"1f'l r-r I %#lJZ Par-3 Par-2 A -<::lllllr:::, /, . \ F-*. .:--'1 *q::*;v' K:M \r'-*-*f "rff\K\tx Lfl"B ri.gahzz Grnpq4e4l" a1'ynff\!:k'r-_.it7 Par proteins ensure asymmetrical distribution of cell fate determinants SKN-1:transcription - factor specifying EMS PIE-1 : general translational
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Unformatted text preview: repressor specifoing germ cell fate PnU-t: JuOartiXe/ transcription factorspecifying-.--_ qLJ ) C and D fates Par proteins and cell polarity Antero-posterior Folarity A Felilid# @yld {.yg4la) r;;,fi;;;\ F€d*a,si)f e ?'i--*. -. Ps, Gsmadum . ./ ,nflfl\i.rt ,r,i '@/'().:; i } "q.m'*!#'' <+ rK€-Ooqile deleffiinafd &€yts poladlib poleiza{6 {€adyi itabt-irut^tQ. QrbV.tAb + linni\o"rz Ji:{"lburhurn...
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