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7 \rl3 7t25t2008 -.2rp1rL r' ,1\, t\l tr''rt{' r!'r nf llt I '' -!, (?ti' - A,^i,tirt Cill"i\ciulZc'{icf i -r .[I-'Jr rlt,,,'obta/ - rq1 P'r $'rlt':t t C1?t, l',utli'r' { ,.PKL Par proteins and cell Polari Apical-basal polaritY . tri,?i \ filotrric il"Eil\ €ct0dom'tPid4n"i; j '' *ipioat Par proteins and cell pola t m"---t,rl D t! Beluike A.j Cortcal 6q1in burdles rPKC " I Aplcal /f *-l I ffi4 I tt ;jtl [{trlI JI frl:.:r:;.::': Y hlelrnlrraliiln epith*lial cells PAR.1 Par proteins and cell PolaritY
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Unformatted text preview: Othsr lypes of PolarilY ffi F ilsaron ap&* i Axon -& r -l:la- ? ii--Y "- ,-.-. .1' nxon l'' determination Dendrite E Astru"yt* On*rn. A rnigration Par oenes and cell genes encode adaPter o they are asymmetrically localized in polarized cells o in the embryo they are resPonsible for asymmetric cell division and unequal segregation of cytoplasmic proteins controlling cellfate F- fn',.1trat'on g,at aP l') azvitlrffii 'r :-,l c?LL...
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