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Chapter 11 germ cells and fertilization germ cellformation germ cell migration germ cell differentiation fertilization (germ cell action) sex determination (germ cell fate determination) -- - t' d1fe,ilvr\e' i gle t a t-{ ah^ rwnni"c{s oqci *u"{"rw {e4'\ia.t,un, P qrqnu\e c(.\\[ d,rlu,u'*d 4h*,i1hut th#J &*[l,z*t.r.,r, 4nrnu\49 b€rc.ir{q- 'tccalerc\ 6{ -tlr'c po4cr,a( <rd. o{ th{ ?A {,G{ cltalv.tgrn th0,i a6q 0{\y ittl in'"lM R c€it, i te.ornr i*H*r -[o i p ce[[ [.r,oagQ (b't\A Wmurc-
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Unformatted text preview: tl{qv attr € ,rnnUArrc j:"i1t6't c{ Jlk{r\ :'t' -L4,+.t. '/-qdn 1" P gfqrur{er- V 1nr,ub1 loCo, { i?A^ l" eAL s''fu-The development of germ cells Germ cells frequently are 'set aside' early in the embryo and specified for germ fate by m-iern-lTignals. \ArfuftLbr+ ,ntd W cqp," t8riqf{ &*dfrfi]*pffixrd*i &flaffhnw-{h,L Ptg t pro*ein i3 qn\y ^ptqgpn{ in P r*[k-Al\ ?rrvr\ rltb aft- ,ki,w{ F*n p\, n,li,if, 'o €orrnd dl 4Iw @r ,iaowyo_...
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