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Unformatted text preview: t* , ..,/ \*,****3 pole cells = future germ cells Germ cell precursors in Drosophila are called pole cells. They are localized at the posterior end of the embryo, develop in a special cytoplasm, the gole plasm, and cellularize before the rest of the embryo.--- t("i_ , ft 51vuta1Yl tlz- pl< cdls : yf , yl1,r., rrr Pole plasm and germ cells in one Drosophila embryo can confer germ cell identity on anterior nuclei of another embryo, nuclei which normally would not form germ cells ) pole plasm specifies qerm cell identitv Pole plasm trr\irrvi c,, z;rfrr.i,45 gr,rr tt,|l'; .[ 9laluiype ] n... ;ur [i a l...
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