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IMG_0003_NEW_0008 - extra-embryonic ectoderm Germ cell...

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Germ cell formation in mouse primordial germ cells There is no evidence for germ/pole Plasm in mouse or other mammals (but in Xenopus and zebrafish)' ln mouse Primordial germ cells form in the ePiblast about 6 days post-fertilization uPon induction from the
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Unformatted text preview: extra-embryonic ectoderm' Germ cell formation in. nlgu-s-e-Jle.:;e tt\tr i,rruW 4e \cil qt'{rr'' {ann' thr-ttl\,, L i 1\ccr-€rn t'rtva 'tnthrYcilic thil gaJ'wnr end' rt rn* ir 1r; g'l ftl,4r"{ ' s'hr4( 3 cel\q W',rnu af n...
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