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IMG_0003_NEW_0010 - displaced into the posterior midgut...

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)-, r't, \''Y1"* ? tlt -'l' lr, li.l)c, f-4 lf t ll'1 li', r\ in fml, {lc)l nrovrnrntr *f grrrr qsllr Arlirchnrent to cndorlerti erd ririgralion thrrin5h nlj(lgul Germ cell migration Germ cell precursors originate far away from the gonad and have to migrate to join somatic gonadal precursors. ln Drosophila pole cells are initially
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Unformatted text preview: displaced into the posterior midgut region by gastrulation movements. Signals from the endoderm initiate the migration into the visceral endoderm towards the gonadal precursor cells. Att3LlrnrrIl l{ mtsodErnr Prirnordirl ilern cells Prrleti{)r rlidBUt Germ cell migration in vertebrates...
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