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tr,fiZrzortl o\1c'\ -,(pjilAo\ l,c {uch h, pl",,l cetl -'oitltv\ \o{.' ,nkn rtt Oogenesis in mammals ffi 'as*f tf :\ [$ ]l The oocyte continues to develop postembryonically (increase in size, produce egg specific proteins and structures, e.g. zona pellucida). Maturation of the oocyte is under hormonal control and ovulation in mammals is a rather complex process where development of the oocyte has to be coordinated with development of the uterus.
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Unformatted text preview: in the adult f".ilir'\ **' &'a L: I 1 \Iffi,1# .*rc,ro+-\6; av ru#{ r- n i ftmplewrr , [email protected] i Jl, I *mnra Vlq*t, i!ru&rlr&rytr ?&t& tmi, @i,iq{€* d teb6lt Spermatogenesis in mammals Primordial germ cells in males arrest in the G1 phase of a mitotic cell cycle in the embryo. Postembryonically spermatogonia keep diving in a stem cell-like fashion and can produce spermatocytes over a long period of time. B...
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