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r,\VtUli l,ff.,u,,tioi' -t -( t1kt rmatooenesrs rn Differentiation of spermatocytes apparently is triggered by signals from surrounding cells in the testis (GNDF by Sertoli cells). Each pflmary spermatocytes 1Tr ,/l\ .- ,:\ fli ltj iir u rtj;il ". 4,seY&wi J undergoing meiosis gives rise to 4 spermatids,
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Unformatted text preview: which eventually differentiate into mature sperm. Ferlilization A few key aspects of fertilization From Sperml the perspective of the I too I vvl How to find the egg? How to fuse with the egg? oHow to prevent polyspermy? oHow to check 'sperm identity' (correct species)?...
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