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We Sperm attraction and identity check are talking about s-e^93ggfp;now ' sea urchin eggs release small peptides that attract sperm of the same species t the acrosomal process at the sperm head contains a recognition molecule (bindin) that mediates binding to the egg surface (agai n species-specific). - {& "1tize', eA q1 0rr*t' ai.Qiq, \:rbYQ, 9ft. ttt.*1h,kw/ * #Rer. Rmrtntlvrg u- 'icll'&- --t\t.r &i3Jut: Jlr. or-rf.rrfta\ "tlq3,cb 1 r^{rrTlior, b{,^ =Y f *, zorrtt Ft {tvicid;. - Z-t4ct Pr(lr'rctcla
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Unformatted text preview: lzr', A^.0 c.LLr'.alnq\ ,@dion L-r-,i.c.K c\o,vr tlu Rti*tlclo (i) o "{rcq *W 10 Cwil (z\, ',6 ,ohidt ai'ltyiltas acy'b, p+lt,.leirk cet\ irr.Fl'' X&"0't ':1,: -lk; {fflr^ Fertilization towards the egg like the zona pellucida, a layer of glycoproteins. Species-specific zona pellucida proteins are recognized by the sperm and trigger the 'acrosomal reaction' leading to release of enzymes which help to break down zona pellucida components. q^iL rclqv,J...
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