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-1,; J:. 'O 1;t(:-;\AdAA Vj 6'\. Vitt{trttO- -,''L"n Titt Dc-rtt e,r'Lrc'r\ . q-Anub i, i- Jud - )- .<,r \rJr{ -i[L .,'4,L\ Srranulp: .{:rel )' '*:.{ lrZotr{ir t*ai-,"'-, ,-t(i a AiV r*'ai-,"'-,,-t(u <,fV'"dd -1'*:r- rr tr\ ^dn JlT, f\01dt1?t12j r..i'1)Ll1 it5 out\i€Lf J-nL pia:r/Vr rrqrrrt=iQ WnpsA t1t ,il pc1ylL.r flWn,Vfa^L *rJh 'ltw PLor;';' tfutrtfi a&-, { 4-z'i4\t J tht *'j-,t-t -.rc <xiv,"dl'i b,a <4c( r -a'*i rrrr\ ^rin Jl'u j"t<tl',,. ln'tffiW,wJl ^b 4r'u14 h n--. J{'Jfu qq :trt'{ctrr t yr-t'tt'fi\'; 4r'fil1l Sfern ,,qJ =i*-{i,rp I "pctunl: $-rrllur s9on 4w an+ I'r {e,*rl;z*-i,ni 'J rfAtnlv'a&: .t.ihicn +l#1 fi"*, q ._1" f- ,,criic.,i y.nu1o ,'*l'> lrrJ.t_ {r&- ,. ', r,\ ,fri. \(', Wf , '-;.,ran& {[T,a -u' -t'e 4t'4'l'Z'tt'u
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Unformatted text preview: : I :,r-|ii"i I ,) lr,l,f,^ ' Qlt-11,.p , -{'cyl", \'eJ' J (ak t\l n r-r,i ++1r\izi^q fl*t(^ I ,:-r\ \u:t {.,-. * "\ ' -tir. t.p , -ri f i' *-"€'' .a{n l4bck- }4 U,ri\ J err,n i{ 6 ur1 (+i fi'a 1 unb,ya ,l'o':r) $g.altf .- *,,',1f, ,itlgz{ retuw ad'ruft1 r tarlicq( yanub ( q\ciunr Sperm-egg fusion also triggers embryonic development by 'activating' the egg. A wave of high tr-|sxum concentration spreads throughout the egg from the point of sperm entry and is essential to initiate development by allowing completion of meiosis and the beginning of mitotic cell cycles. red: high Calcium concentrations, blue: low calcium concentrations Activation of the egg a/-^L Z/t,)rv+ttao lt clt*ttcgnnd 12...
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  • Fall '09
  • Mattsson
  • JLT, Jud WnpsA, Jud WnpsA t1t, il pc1ylL.r flWn,Vfa^L, low calcium concentrations, high Calcium concentrations

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