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rr;P"''"'r )) I --*'\- .i\ "ro'?o , -S sRY, SOX9, SF1: L I ll ,^r,,- .cils transcriptionfactors * I l -,,- Male development additional (transcri AMH: anti-M0llerian r".. Gonad development in mammal -,c-l{ \q'p cl.tr'u-\qfo*r,i, -ih"r\- ,i n. dd{t,*'"*" t-'^ fiu- c4 t + rt,r 1,\k- 4i'A,v:'-l l'tc\ 5,ul i 4c lify 1iflft1}e q y/.i alo {"1u* ,\o/1ad: lo tdyenl 1c iiui iYufrflr thri',1, . uhicl nr tmbq"t i. r,c\no.i', JIH ot9 ir.rt {,r.rrdu',*l i^ ,tc\ufb -i*+-, J-tl.rd-, .,Bl 'Y'i'*- ] P\rh"l'r] ' r^-'e*{ic;t\ ;, i'*\"\ 'h.f kr"Ctr.*: vri{er -thu tlc..tr'' -qftnn +.rk* ,1gini{. ,/t Jr'i\,i\\o,,..rr
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Unformatted text preview: c{'^r} i= e'lt1'trtzr6{al I t'tl'vurrt -llU ,'.*T-d";-r #*ffi-' ltiT=li[.].y i'';" F\ u,\*,rq^ c{irrr nQi. .4,". n .-;U;'tfi' ',1".[i -*J c 4u 4{'il{arrbrr' J*''4*) g;' ,'l -+ :.,r- -bi- ir,rA) 14 ,*u-Gonad development ln mammals the gonad develops adjacent to the mesonephros. lnitially two ducts exist, the Wolffian duct (nephric duct) and the MUllerian duct. ln males the MUllerian duct degenerates and ttpjvgflg!_ duct becames the vas cgr*ryIu. ln females the Wolffian duct degenerates and tg ?'/t';,tr1';:xlnrl r"1q:r.:'t'**t:orrws i.e n.virtrrwt....
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