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Unformatted text preview: :vNgFe{+\n{ ?U/r\ dorl,l\ofirq ql t{l[3 (fift aY ty) enkrr rtuict"r<, praphavi i Coft cecy\e: ufl[*..r *r,1 cydar q + *dir, l\ c .diUi:"n 1lu W\ Ittrlctr i o ced(r' ge,r*nlo ilurn .t<d': 'frUya rrrl ,nh,brlcry :,irbl erMW rrurctic pr"phuQ. +ha+ do.{s Sex determination of germ cells ln- mammals 'germ cells l will differentiate as oocytes (default state), unless they enter the testis, where they encounter signals triggering sperm rather than oocyte development. -'.\ .. lr(-Drosophild germ cells decide cell-autonomouslv whether to develop into sperm or oocyte depending on the XA ratio. o Summary ttu,c,tt ' *' ' o z- *AYmo'fit germ cells are 'set a_side'early in the embryo, frequently arq specified under influence of maternal factors (germ plasm) and have to migrate to the gonad sperm and oocyte development shows a number of characteristic differences (see table) various mechanisms ensure that only one sperm of the right species fertilizes the egg {ell-cel\ 'dQ(dd'q ht +4 'rvt tlwncY{M (,qnliq l'0u c'err ...
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