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IMG_0003_NEW - complete genome sequenced i.e every single...

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7i25|2CI,O8 Chapter 5 C a e n o rh abd itis e I eg a ns C. e/egans life cycle _.*{br t \<.,vcqq bp.ttc -thii- =ada$y *-"nnhtqffi I-"'rri trAnU,nj. nil.u,\\ cit*tV> I [.',,.FJ s'rB Description in C. elegans has been pushed to an unprecedented level of detail ' complete cell lineage, i.e. description of every cell division, cell migration and cell death ' complete'wiring diagram', i.e. description of all connection formed among neurons
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Unformatted text preview: ' complete (!) genome sequenced, i.e. every single base pair, no gaps left (unlike any other multicellular organism) (description comes first . ..) C. elegans ' soil nematode, 1mm long, feeds on E. coli . t /, ' rqEia -celUinegg 95-9{'c9l!s (30 2 n.uron{ 't 3 ' transparent, generation time of 3 Gtr\e XffCjiJ ltrf'l\ic'n ,rxtl\ lvvfuphq;\,"lc ,, r,r, (<r11...
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