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Loss of expression and structures Freshwater have no pelvic spine (i contrast to sticklebacks). This correlated with loss l$l lrq!-rhu?trr Pitxl expression in th pelvic region, which i due to specific loss enhancer elements limb expression. Pt};tl rxpre.r,;irn trrn*ll riewl How snakes lost their limbs L$rrtre : - ffi l-i$xc6 WWfl*, $d{irr w. HoxcS Skeleton of python embryo, siained with
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Unformatted text preview: alcian blue and alizarin red. Arrow points to hindlimb rudiment. Hoxc6/8 expression in snakes extends through most of the length of the organism. Combination of these Hox genes specifies rib-bearing vertebrae and suppresses (fore)limb formation. Loss of hindlimbs apparently is due to loss of shh expression with a subsequent loss of the AER....
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