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-Udn 1l* pd*n ,:l 'ttex yft expnorrn ; Jhc- -\1.x, V,,v" iz\sk hqvu *tt4r7{ dunrtg jhi -r,rr:\,+lor tfCrn thrrr trr,nrfbil ofUp"l"v. hrly v$,rw 1o ,.luch pliuLar r'{ Jlvrt r- Jrawps a{ dlr,tgdt w$4{ , "-Yi:- "Y:. :Y* --", Antp, Ubx and Abd-A are rather similar. These genes have overlapping and distinct expression in the thorax of grasshopper, reflecting the unique identities of these segments in insects.
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Unformatted text preview: Evolution of the arthropod body plan Evolution of Ubx functions tn Drosophila Ubx o promotes haltere (rather than wing) development in the thorax o represses leg formation in the abdomen (together with Abd A) through repression of the Distalless (Dll) gene Other insects/arthropods express Ubx like Drosophila but have 4 wings and/or abdominal appendages...
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