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'\r ffi_=_;( *{nWp?V,tr"f,qpqq" /\ J\ ( ounx I \/ \/' I 0nychspn0fa s/l Ubx and repression of limb formation *6#" ,-*W' ffi '-5) (l auaiT-/ \ /'x Drbsaphila D$ It is assumed the polyalanine stretch form a new protein interaction interface, allowing binding of a (to be identified) co-repressor allowing binding to the d// promoter blocking dll expression and leg formation. .: '-r t novel interactisn domain Exd iiltcraeti0n
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Unformatted text preview: donrain jo--'-'"f homeodomain-il- Ubx bindingsite Ubx and wlng formation ** A fr,8' **fr0 /i A l\ /i *t:, * 3n !:i* {:tt:} t} Ghanges in target genes most likely ++ i ', .r! a':1 | * ,',1_tt ,i't .jr r'i l\ * ll iiLj *l I target gene (set 2) responsible for the different appearance the appendage (wing vs haltere) under Ubx control in different insects....
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