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Observation Il W Tunicates/ascidians (urochordates) ha% *% migrating cell population emerging from the neural tube sharing some genes also expressed in neural crest of vertebrates. ln tunicates these cells are pigment cells. Hypothesis ll Neural crests cells (forming melanocylss=pigment cells and skeletal elements) might have originated from those tunicate pigment cells after acquiring new developmental potential (not known how, go and find out). On the origin of novel structures: neural and its derivatives Homologous structures and homologous
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Unformatted text preview: developmental genes/prog rams Can we 1. extend the concept of homology (common ancestor) to developmental control genes and 2. draw conclusions on the homology of structures based on using the same genes to specify the structures? Answer: 1. Yes, homologous proteins have a common ancestor (but not necessarily the same developmental role) 2. Yes, but you have to be careful (you run into the same problem of having to distinguish between true homology and analogy (convergent evolution)...
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