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o o Limb and wing development chick wing bud Drosoph wing dir 4*3 Conclusion chick wing and Drosophila wing are homologous structures ?l?l?l? *T ".".^*-. \ '.-3./ WeW W*i"F# ffie$e Wtq*f*q Developmental signals specifying positional information (along both the a-p and d-v axis) in the Drosophila
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Unformatted text preview: wing disc and the chick wing bud also are conserved. Drosophila and chick wing homologous? Obviously not and no developmental biologist would argue for it Why not ? ln Drosphila and chick wing you the a-p ose genes do not tmtryrrnin* tntYzmt" mtru*tmr* wtNfi, tr*rm. o 13...
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