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Homology from the Developmental Biolog ist's perspective Two structures "[email protected] they develop qnder the control of the same clevelofrmental proqram (which was already used by the common ancestor for the same purpose). Just one gene in common is not enough and just shared signals that do not specify what structure forms is not enough of an argument. But as with all "".T::rJ#Jrniven
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Unformatted text preview: case is up for wi ryrca zvc{rizA nukpln firnn rdtpdnrffp v-( d4{i/r16|1^' drnc\rn ) [i1,4," fu"*\.p tnr,l dlr,rd rtNA e*ene ra! d'fiutn*tt7 There is no common ancestral structure that could give rise to insect and vertebrate eyes (in contrast to bat wing and horse leglyou can't match any two parts here) Eyes: monophyletic or polyphyletic? 14...
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