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Eyes: monophyletic or polyphyletic? monophyletic, because ...1 developmeryf insect and vertebrate eyes i. QIIgllg{* Mouse/ Human w{&7' ,*, "' il \i . I -r,r-,w l \ rYz /Y""" -L ld{c, W3"W wawersik, J * u,. ,r. . Mor. cenet. )oiroi r'tr-rru, i"n-L flera - 'J tYt"\ 4( r'i(\,;dit t itt'ttt S, 4l' ;' t,t , I ', U- '-t f(\ iv'it/ - \rinr\'urc,lty irrt,.trlo1,l.,5 Qo,, tt,cry frn{, J ,rlciie(
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Unformatted text preview: ,,rt" D'>L/ rl") Pax-6 arguments for monophyletic orioin of eves pax-6/eyeless is essential for eye development (in all species tested so far) ectopic expression of eyeless alone is sufficient to trigger development of ectopic eyes mouse PAX-6 can replace eyeless in D ro so p h i I a (tuXcf;ggt,q94fq1gjref, pax-6isexpiffiifferent species during development...
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