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o Transplantation experiments reveal when the fate of a cell is determined Specification versus Determination isolation and transplantation give different results isolation and transplantation give the same results cell specified ffi w {} ffi ffii Effi
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Unformatted text preview: 1rys /"* @ tt \,2 @ cell determined '< ,'A#@*t TW \tilp}-4p "fi.ffi, ffi ffiffiH* tlrll:? ?l1lr1frT/ r{JJ-lt l*ruf * [email protected] {1 Mf 1# #b /G\ W h^n.t\,^n[ot*v' ' f't* oi tgo^ hqrtJu',n* kc-"t*1ilrorrr: &tir{.t u'tL &'te...
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