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-i1\otii\""r''r" 5c\'til tr''$ -5\c\,., kc$er.,-, \rCi\orl t .$ Fate Map (Xenopus) The future fate (as determined by lineage tracing experiments) is projected onto an earlier stage (typically blastula or gastrula stages). Note: Ihis does not mean the cells are specified or determined at this stage, it simply reflects how they
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Unformatted text preview: would develop in a normal embryo!!!-anAoc\rvwr' 1C (ryottc,na"r, \il'*v" ) Embryology and the origin of the gene theory (we are back in the 19th century now. ..) Nu*l*us *r cyt*pXanz: \fzlfuink **ntr*tn t?z* fate af th* *rnfury*? fist{kifffirgs *w*r&&,waga Wei*rrxen3 *rek*r del./{r|*itlan&...
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