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Th*. /rh*lFri:p in Fhy*i*l*gy rr Medicine 1933 "ftt hi' {it'J,:r1fi*3 t,*tite,i1j,{ri: lh* :*ir: fr!*.,i*ti tt: thr: *nf *tl"i{t ti-* { y n* i e f,t!{ " ?lr*m*a t rsftr. W*i#sF talitsrnir hFtlbt€ di TKnnst{4y {Cqltrf,hl b. 1ffi d, t*45 established the chromosomat theory of heredity establishe d Drosophita genetics and collected a large number of mutants, many of which had developmental defects concluded from the inheritance pattern that genes are arranged in
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Unformatted text preview: linear fashion on chromosomes o Morgan (re)defined genetics as the science studying ?rmrz*mi**z*n of genetic traits as opposed to embryoiogy which studies the *Npr**s.t*rz of traits To prove its relevance for embryology genetics had to demonstrate/explain : how cells could develop differenfly despite having the same genes/chromosomes that genes affected early aspects of development (all the genes known affected late steps of development) 10...
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