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tr4 Genes and development A Gytoplasm !'1n*** v ffiqrflh$ il et \/ ^J-t*, s ribulmr (1) tranSlatiO V w"r#Tffien i:l {r}rnrxmrxm w wolped, Pdnciples ot Oevelopm ent, 3d dilon, Fig 1 1 9i @ oxfo.d University Press I Control of gene expression actiritor g p$iffiW{{e,qffi"
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Unformatted text preview: S€r*3 SE*e4 ":d !"r* .qF*1".dar "",taffi\Y-": g{ JWWLWWW% t/Wie \ Wolped, Pil nciples ot Developmenl. 3rd editon. Fig 1 2oi @ oxford Universilv Press Wr*t"mxm &r"ry :&W"-$W grne'l Stt*? ^!*Miff& "r;tftffi{ tl' Fv. P&'iC...
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