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o Central questions in Developmental Biology 1. How tc make cells different? cell type specification, cell differentiation t 2. How to arrange cells to form a functional organisrn? morphogenesis, organogenesis Btsc333 Spilng 2007 multicellularity -',vlpr{.,nt''n rtrarPhtl'3+]'u'1 mouth frorn blastcpore o = f o o - 3 0) g) * lloo
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Unformatted text preview: -\Y +Jg ooq) 'Bd o ,#ad '* .t trl ,r&rr-L Diploblastic animals-=.:='C))P== 6o^ };) =t ERE Jd 8- t +E_6 ='+R--oo-d s- b36i q) M f ffi#\w{ #}e Lophotrochozoa EcdYsozoa (spiralia) Protostomes q- 5oJ A'J A) 50 6-oAo adi d Ed a $0) rr+r "* g 61ffi.4 \*? o :1 o o q q) w W Deuterostomes...
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