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I -l tal'tn oi u'(l\ a;vihl',rc ,) -t -'r\r'[c: btAJ tq\' \] effiffi:lfiSqry Iloral Vertebrates Germ layers Germ layers form as a conseq uence of gastru latio n I Gastrulation . ,,,i,n.J, ,o*\ n,u\.afe Of "lt is not birth, marriage, or death, but Wp'trqgleg1wg, which is -lVY rtrlu'ru" t'" truly the most important time in your life." (Lewis Wolpert, 19BO)
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Unformatted text preview: ?rt,l,z.nt,oi^-t:) u/t[.tr"Jcv9 4-r,rv\ckLV1cret c\eanctqei early cleavage divisions " Blastula ."-::?AaiA*-.,'&"ry,"-.C{::\"jffi, \ tM, L\. 1,W, . \ r3'M. % | -'[email protected] :::::, J W ) .. -: --.i ;W t4.,y '. ., , ;,t" Gastrulation-llbllcp'\r,ll-fts','U.y t'{' l: -- c(o'nlre T laYr'- r"{CgoCu'lroYr rA h-Aul-ul". I...
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