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History & Concepts: further reading the NCBI "Bookshelf' http://www. ncbi'nlm' nih'gov/sites/entrez?db=books http://www.ncbi'nlm'nih' gov/booksibv'fcgi?rid=dbio'TOC&depth=2 - enter a keyword ititt" '"pig"nesis') to get to the chapter Gilbert: 8th edition' supplementary web articles - follow the link to online version on the course web site (httP ://Be.d evbio'com/)
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Unformatted text preview: - browse and read"" questions are sent out bY e-mail answer them in writing and bring those answers to the tuioiiui' where they will be o o discussed o we wiu collect your answers lglo.ke9p-tl:^m) and use trem it;;;td;in" ztiy' of vour grade lo*ing from tutorials o We Won,t correct them or.give them back, we *iff tt*Ple them for grading...
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