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IMG_0008_NEW - .anly iine.an Figure 4.6 As k of a...

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:tr E -,: ieel Table 4.1, valnes of k ari.r rlllitL'ci*se t* tlre oprtiir"lr-ltn value far a : - .- .ri mamnlals. 4. 1:,,,ciues of tlre cor:siaht k {fhe rcrlio of the interirsl ciiqmeter to lhe external dicmefer}, -:: ci lire midpoints of the shqlts of varicus mqmrnal bones Ficre i t Jx Lion Ccnrel - eirlur i\ q7 0.63 0s6 0.5j rf, f, rt til t-]lr lFr h i|n tr ff .: fr f, f,l q rtr q ;tr Jfli ;tr Ja -i F fr fll #il 5l h 5l h *,titi n tfiiift fr +frifii # f, {ttttrttfi 3 ritir,ti t f, {ii(ilh fl {ril'iii # # # { m**ou$# ffioy,ft;snn - tnis exergise, consider whether the k-values cf rnsrnrnalicn cnd ovian femurs :.e opiinroi, res,:lting in minimai msss far cr bone of given strength. tiasi bird bones cre filled with oir snd buitressed with internal struis lo preven? :uckling, as shawn in Figure 4.2. Figure'i.7: Bi r.l l"rnL" #hat is the optimoi k-volue lor o bird fernur? The crnclysis ol the massllength ci c b;rd fennur is cpproximcted by consldering the 'ban5
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Unformatted text preview: .anly' iine .an Figure 4.6. As k of a bird'$emur increcses, the mcss,llength cf the bone d*creoses' Thus, optirncl k-vclues lor birds would be expeci.ed to be higher thcn optimcl k^rciues for murr"rmcls. At c very high k-volue, c very thin wcN|ed bone moy be vlrlnersble io buckling under pr*uuur*.-Th;s llkely sets c rnsximl,m f*r the k-values of hollow bird bones. A nurnber of femurs *- upper thighbones _* $rom mcmrnsls and birds cre cvailsble on the bench. The fenrurs sre curt ln cross-section. Use the colipers to mecsure the external cnd interncl dianreters ol each fernur. r lniernal dicmeter K=m Csiculcte the k-values of the bones on your tsble cnd show ycur" volues to ;'our instructor. Obtcin k-vclues fcr the remainlng *nlmcls fnom ycur lab nrates. Lise these dcio lo cnswer the questions below before you lecrve the lab'...
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