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Lewis Acid & Base Examples . Leu'is Bases lgH,NHr. H2s , F- "-+ can donirtc a pair ufelcctrons . Lewis Acids lu'. enr. Atct3 '--.-- ci'nt itl:ct;pt.;l pair ol'electmng Lewis Acid has incomplete valence shell + Reaction with Lewis base completes octet H
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Unformatted text preview: :'i: t-'t :'i: I z----. . I . . I I H-N: B-F: + H-N-B-F: tt"lt" H :F: FI :F: Hydrated metal ions I i'r i> \-;.1 I r'ri i. tt:r. . t\ ,/' Fe3'+ 6H,O -+ Fe(HrO)u3* : Brsnsted-Lowry acid Fe(HrO)03' (aq) -: Fe(OH)(H,O) t'* (oq) + H* (aq)...
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