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IMG_0001_NEW_0008 - of coflee Work(w-ork Force applied over...

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Systems and Surroundings . System : the part of the world that we are going to study Surroundings : everything else Three Tipes of Systems: A | 0,n,," t:3irsfei + Closed System Only energy can be transferred between system and surroundings e.g. closed cup of coffee Isolated System Neither Energy nor matter can be transferred between system and surroundings e.g. coffee in thermos 2 - fill;l @*,, nu*,WEJuu,",u, Open System Energy and matter can be transferred betrveen systen.l and surroundings e.g. open cup
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Unformatted text preview: of coflee Work (w) \\-ork : Force applied over a distance In chemical svstems usually: pressure-\'olume work (PV work) for gases . Expanding gas Force Pressure = P = ,4rect w:force xdistance Finrl Initial stntc lrl: lr x Ax Lhl=lrnrtl . *ll-!9.:y-9 _b_ecaq;e gg_s- is expanding \AV / q ' > doing work on surroundings: ,t, = -P x AV . Compressing Gas '__y-1-!*+19, -_8.!! is gxpardirs @Is!) = suruoundings are doing work on the system w=P xAY...
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