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IMG_0001_NEW_0010 - i-p i of I mol of gas by I K at...

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Heat (a) i sl stem and its sunoundings as a result of i- I temperature diflbrence Temperature : average kinetic energy Heat "flows" until average kinetic energies ofthe system and surroundings are equal . q : mass of substance x specific heat x temperature change . Erothermic reaction ) Enthalpy (14 ,ri energr'. chemists often use enthalpy: ..:::l..sphere'. '1 "' . ' ' i> ;r,nstant BUT volume can change canied out at constant pressure .',rk is P\,'rvork: 'E - ,1 - r,' I;.,L"n.) 5 =,1- - PJI ' so that qo: AE + PAV ,,,. - heat t-lorv at g-gjtstant presswe) ..--t-,lnr j - !- '.-rrl -\. -, E=5-SrPl')=JE*PAL'or - :...-.i,il\ ;.lt COnstant preSsure . .,. .:s ireat Heat capacity Heat Capacity Specific heat capacity:aheat required to change the temperature of I g of a substance by 1 K iVlolar heat capacit_v: heat required to change the temperature of one mole of a substance by I K Cr,= h.ut required to raise the temperature of I mol of gas by 1 K at gonstant volglng* C,,.: heat
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Unformatted text preview: i-p i of I mol of gas by I K at qQlt-sralrj_pl9*1:lg! i, ,r"{ 11 ' ';e l t'i ! I:rprrsri,rr I J _'_ I r,, lr{ .qQl,r-il_alr_t_pl9*1:!1ry ,\ppl icatirrt | (;. ., jR r'lomronii irlul grrs I i.i, ; jji l\)lvjr{)trric iclc;ri g:rs tvalue musr irc mcasurcd , crperirrcnralil ) I I C,. . (, . it .\ll r,l,rl g,r.es t;,, : iH .. Ilt i tt \lol.rrornic iclcal 31as (l!,: -:Ii I\rlvaronric irlc.rl g:s isp<cilie laiut clefentis orr rhc rrluc oi l., t .\ir - a(.-ll :\ll itle,rl l1rst's-\fI = rCir.J' f lll iclcrl grse' State and Path Functions State Functions: . The value of a state function does not depend on how the system arrived there. it depends only on the current state or properties of the system. . e.g., energv, enthalpv Path Functions: . The value of a path function depends on the pathway lrom state A to state B. . Path functions describe processes. . e.9., heut and work...
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