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TODAY'S LECTURE,: "Spontaneity, Entropy and Free Energy" (Chapter 10) . Spontaneity, Disorder and Probability . Statistical Definition of Entropy a Spontaneity Spontaneous Process : occurs without outside intervention i.e., occurs naturally Processes in nature have a nafural direction But what determines that direction? Importance of enthalpy change (II): Exothermic reactions are usually spontaneous BUT Some Endothermic reactions are also spontaneous (e.g. melting of ice at room temperature) From observation: Spontaneous processes occur when there is in increase in randomness or "disorder" : ENTROPY (.9) 7 i.' Spontaneity, Entropy, and Energy . First Law of Thermodynamics : LE:q+w . Energy is conserved: "Energy bookkeeping'' Determines which processes r.r'il1 occur
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Unformatted text preview: BUT does not tell us why changes occur (neither do kinetics nor equilibria). . Second Law of Thermodvnamics: In an1'spontaneous process. there is alrravs in increase in the entrop\-of the universe . The drir in-s force for a spontaneous process is an increase disorder a-) i)--:--11 Sucrcse diss&s i- +rale, -l (neatq,reioflto$',€s) l.-"1 l- 6 -3 o>i- Sr.'otn \{!=-l z------. lz -.- -\-l l',---?ll L-sig-J Jl ll __r-it--.fl il6'b ll t=i--l t*__-q l- - -- -l f - Sucar l',ta:er -J r\--:*=--zl r-l illl lL!_2]1 J6*>0 \H^> O .lq-* " o Spontaneou-s Process ) Energy, Spontaneity and Disorder tce nells {l'eal lt3ds lrom waler! ldeal ?erluf;e' Paci!tr r"rt$ced Waler evapotals {beal t}o'€ l.o.n dish} EI...
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