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IMG_0001_NEW_0017 - conditions\1 I r m r ork is done".e...

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"lnfi nite-Step " Expansion "rnRT l!!!- av i,z1 {ii and fare constant) .:i1 steps ) P",,= P = pressure produced by gas lt cquilibrium I Reversible :nRr^(?) * w* = w,",.=-nRT"(?) Reversible Work V, < V, for expansion V,, Vt for compression . Since Q: -w (for an ideal gas) w =w =G\: IHr.'fvjz -r*r r"((a\ lv, ) . In terms of pressures: =-nRr'[;J B'*- ='[email protected] . For "ollr" system: Work Heat # Steps Expansion Sompression E,xpansior ompressior I 4.l5PtV1 3.00Ptvl 0.75P1V. -3.joP.vl 2 -\.00P tvl 2.00Ptl/l 1.00P 1I/l -2. .00P:v: co -l.3gPtvl 1.39PlV. t.39Ptvl -l.39PtVl Reversible for infinite steps ]e l Processes are lrreversible ".i. r'i. . I-leat --- -:. i-.- f... €- ,- dj,,:.' .- :. .:.ergr niro.i.t.a Thermal Energy i: :-. - ciriii.process(1-+2-+l) . " :- .:t :, l::.:itrfl & c-ggr;re$lsucycle , - {\D .-::. .undings are returned ' -.:.:l
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Unformatted text preview: conditions \1. I :: r m r+ ork is done . --. ."-. !.e rrclic process (i-+2-+1) : - '--,-:- :-.:rnsion & compression cycle-i ':* -:t'.:--eJ tc. original state F:- T , -:-: -:::::s changed permanently \:r'ni ;*.,Iential uork is conrerted toiheat Hcrt fo*s bto the surroundings ' = \i, r<:l processes are irreversible f nrr,-,pr ,-,f unirerse alu'a1's increases (second la*), Heat flow and Change in Entropy with Gas Volume Change . Change in entropl' (AS) for rz moles of gas From molecular statistical approach . Heat flow for ideal gas expansion or From macroscopic description of ideal gas . Relationship between AS and heat flow : Macroscopic definition of change in entropy I compression: r )-4"'= -,,Rf h''lLl ! \V,)) AS - Q'* T...
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