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AS for Ghanges of State At melting point: Solid t' Liquid At boiling point: Liquid # Gas States coexist at equilibrium + Processes are reversible at equilibrium +Wecanuse:m Qn": M*ron _ Energy required to melt I mol of solid al the melting point T: melting point in K Norroo=ff solid -+ liquid transition ' Vaporization: As"*=* liquid -) gas transition Melting: Temperature Dependence of AS . Entropy change for isothermal process: L,S -Q"U T . What if temperature changes? T, -+ T, . Process carried out at constant Pressure . Process carried out at constant Volume
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Unformatted text preview: . For derivation see Section 10.4 in text book Nn-n =nco"[?) Nr-a :nc,t[?) QJ tbb'4u<t Ls ^i* V 2 \r AH1*,^ ub) : $.0 @'rn4 4 cJu I = S',7 J, b+.m4t cftq).Vl tl.vo) : 1f-7 T"C'mq,-t 7 Yt-- O fut;a 7= -10,C -70b t2-$k 2>7iF) A9n-n, = ltcpL^e) : Lx 3g>x h(#) : >.gg JF-l OMt +tu ia /fit'*oa= ffi W,A I icz -frm -tc'c -7 5o'(, @+A'ytt faus*e 'J',41-l : 4.qrJ, p-t. r-^L-l Tor z rr4r5 t ic-e AS = 2x:-r.1a = +) "t6 T.P-I O fleet va+er T:y'C - g'c e1* W t CTtt;y-"l r+,a) - 4S= ?/1.JJ.KI A5-,6,1,= O+O+€ =- 7z-tlJ-k-l...
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