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IMG_0001_NEW_0024 - pressurae P.r{atmospheres Gbl{6ro...

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tlt# roDAy,s LEcruRE: "Spontaneity, EntroPY and Free EnergY" Pressure/Concentration Dependence of Free Enerry Free Energy and Equilibrium Temperature Dependence of K Free Energy and Useful Work Free Energy For Reactions For a general reaction: aA+bB - cC+dD At gy point dwing the reaction: LG=LG" +KIhrQ Concentrations wplo u= ul]rlBf Partial Pressures n _(P)"(P)o t- (P)"(P)o Valw of AG = what will haPPen for particular reaction conditions (. aG< 0 = rxn + right sPontaneouslY 5. AG>0 = rxn+ left sPontaneouslY I aC: O = at equilibrium -+ no change At cqrifibrium: AG : 0 and Q: K or Kn LG":-RThK 1*tt c[*-t hotr T Fx^ Dependence of Acreaction of, Pressure . At constant Temperature: fir.g. tolu*. ) Ssmall volume . Since Volume c l/Pressure = Sror" p."..u.. > Snrgo pressurc . G: H - TS :+ X'ree enerry depends on Pressure Free energy for
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Unformatted text preview: pressurae : P.r{atmospheres) Gbl{6ro' G :.G" .* Rf h(P) non-standard conditions \l , Standar.d temDerature (ta8 K) ao.{ -'.ccrrre (l aun) For reaction: aA + bB - cC + dT) In general: AGo : XGoproducts - IGo. .u"t-t LG: AG" + RTln(Q) i[o=WH 4^";:' 'q"*""-+ " Free Energy and Equilibrium &eaqtions-rfgoceed spontarc ly to equilibrium (NOT to completion!) : proceed to lowest total free energy For the reaction: A(g) : B(g) . Free energy of A: Go: no[G"o+R71n(Pj] . Free energy of B: G": nu[G"B+Rnn(PJ] . Total Free energy: G : Gproducs * Gr"actuots 0 0.5 1.0 Fraction ofA reacted At equilibrium: Gr"u",6ats : Gproducts That is: AG: Gproducts - Gr.""*o:0 I I G G:Go+G" Reaction proceeds spontaneously to equilibrium partial pressures = lowest total free energy...
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