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Galculation of Equilibrium Gonstants for Redox Reactions . Nernst equation: t926rg @2s"c Euu= E" -: n : max potential before any current flows Current flows = concenfrations change ? Ec"' changes u4!ll: {."r, {V . Cell spontaneously discharges until it reaches equilibrium - ry = G of half cells is the same:) AG:0 = Cell cannot do any work: "flat" battery o= E" - 0'9591ngr n nE"
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Unformatted text preview: logK= 0.0591 @25"C t o a Concentration Cells Same components on each side BUT different concentration = eT flow to equalize ion concentrations fuode Ca$od En =E' - 0'0591 bgQ @25"c n E^^,, =o- 0'0591"n [Ag" = o'lM] I - LAgt =lMl Sensitive method for measuring [ions] Application: Ion-Selective Electrodes vt\bt u =i >('W +c-n'+ l^rlA tS L a4 t"u...
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