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T L* TODAY'S LECTURE: vo.4- L'urr/r^ '^,t1*7 -- *r4 \Lu!b,'ru Batte Eowl+",cftlc eS * k g'c,t{ *Fi Vol t Batteries Store chemical energF + release electrical enerry when needed . Based on Galvanic cell: " 2 electrodes " Appropriate electrolye (conducting medium) . Several cells in series: Etotut: X (E for each cell) 2 types of Batteries: 1) Primary Batteries (single use) Cell reaction is not reversible Eventually-+ equilibrium * E""u:0 = battery is dead 2) Secondary Batteries (rechargeable) Cell reaction can be reversed by passing electricity through battery (charging) 2 "Electrochemistryl' . Batteries . Fuel Cells . Corrosion
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Unformatted text preview: Early Bagbdad battery (-zn B.c.) ArirnEgpt: Light bulbs and insulators? (]|mB.c. ?) Lead-Acid (Storage) Battery . Anode: lead ; Cathode: lead dioxide . Electrolyte: sulphuric acid . Cell Reaction (Discharging): E _E -F lell - lPbor/Pbso4 zPbso4/Pb E nr = 1.7 4 - (-0.28) = 2'02Y Sulphuric acid consumed as battery discharges Lead sulfate coats electrodes R:9. Et BH *i6 WgH) gdfilHffi Anode (Oxidation): Pb + HSO4- + PbSOo + rf + Ze-Cathode (Roduction): PbO, + HSO' + 3H*+ 2e- -+ PbSO ++ 2HzO Pb(s) + Pboz(s) --> 2pbSoa(s)+zHzo(t) +Ztl*(aq)[email protected]) " Battery?...
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