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IMG_0001_NEW_0035 - Altetnatives Nickel-Metal hydride(NiMH...

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Car Battery . 5lcrd-=il aelb in series -) 6 x 2.02 V : 12 V b ^ ---.SM6mh . I)fotlerEe: to start car Wqt flows from Battery to Starter Motor Chemical potential energy -+ mechanical work Sponmeous Galvanic cell reaction: Pb+Ptoz+ 2II* + 2HSOa -+ 2PbSO4+ 2I{2O E,.r1: +2.02Y . Clerge: to recharge car battery Motion of car -+ altemator creates electrical energy Mechanical work -+ Chemical potential energy Drives cell reaction in reverse: pb+ I,bo2+ 2rf + 2HSO' <- 2PbSO4+ 2H2O E""r,,: -2.02Y ) Rechargeable Dry Gell Batteries . Nickel{admium (Ni-Cad) . flalf-cell reactions: Anode: Cd + 2OH- + Cd(OH)t + 2e- Crthode: NiO, + 2H2O +2{ -+ Ni(OH)2 + 2OH- . Products adhere to the electrodes = Apply reverse electrical current + recharge battery . Pros: - Ca be cycled many times (>1500) - Rugged and widely applicable . Cons: - Relaively low energy density - Cadmium is highlytoxic .
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Unformatted text preview: Altetnatives:- Nickel-Metal hydride (NiMH): lapo'ps, cell phones Lithium Ion (Li-ion): cell phones Lithium Ion Polymer (Li-ion polymer) Dry Cell Batteries Non-liquid electrolyte Leclanch6 cell {zire inmrcas) Cathxlc Gnphirc $d) Mn{)'t, . Acid-based battery N'iltc.l- ud Anode: Zn-+ Zn2+ +2€ Cathode: 2NH4++ zNln02+2€-+ Mn2O3 + 2NH3 + HzO Ecertx l'5 Volts . Alkaline battery . IJse KOH orNaOH instead of NH,CI Anode: Zn + 2OH- -+ ZnO + HzO + 2e' Cathode: zMnOz+ HrO +2e- -> Mn2O3 + 2OH-Last longer than acidic cell because zinc anode corrodes less rapidly under basic conditions Fuel Gells Electrochemical cell in which the reactants are continuously supplied Chemical energy of fuels converted to electricity Anode: Hydrogen Fuel Cell 2H, -+4H| + 4e- g -oaY v r\ts tui ( A' 4i l-\v bhtHr tryHrf s6 (.atubEbhb4ryld) Lvrl)...
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