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Eguilibrium Main problems: . Calculating Q, K and K, . Equilibrium calculations . Le Ch6teliers principle . Kro calculations t Approx. Acids and Bases Main problems: ( Fr- 1t't tu / e' . pH calculations: - Strong acid/base - Weak acid,/base - Polyprotic acids - Mixtures of weak acids/bases - Salt solutions . Buffers - pH of buffer &7u2ee in pH after adding strong acid/base - Designing buffers Thermochemistry Main Problems: . FIow of heat and work . Reversible/irreversible
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Unformatted text preview: processes . Qualitative entropy change . Quantitative entropy .nungf- Calculat rng A,H,A,S, AG lcu'*i'n . Calculating AIf, AS", AG" I . Predicting spontaneity t . P dependence ofAG . LG and equilibrium . Zdependence of K Electrochemistry Main problems: ' cell construction olttr"d o 'oy' rvrr 7';a bfslt^? . Cell potential and spontaneity . Free energy and work . Nernst equation . Concentration cells . Quantitative electrolysis...
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