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kf F onlt/ i[** l: l*:nH:T:lllnTtrils increased from 300" K l;]ffi"T iffi:frifiJ ffi::ll:l il:1"ffi'il:;;a; i' rffi"rr (R = 8 3I4 J/mor' K ) c\ 45.6 , a) S.OO Rr e) 18.3 T[ = ff";', p,= Au Equilibirum qel < For the reaction Zttz(e)+ Ol(g) €=:: 2H20tgfIt'uiit the relationship between K and " l:ri,temPerature T? ?f y,RT) o^ a) rK = KpGT)" b) & = KGrr .c) K= Kp $:f,ftli 6. Consider the following equilibrium: Hrte)+I2G) t zH(e) AH= +68-0 kJ/mol -E^Rr J + hr-*.n- J* = sdf:o*+* = pEWE*= u4*w ffW tv .onto = p^fa.t,v/ e(c-ccc{) , ffi$i*j*}{*t-g;3,*r.:I##liifff*e''{he reft side is fav'red y' gm;lltlff ffi ff Hi';',",iT.0""'briumtotheright' 7. Consider the following reaction: O. O I 2HF(e) + H2G)
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Unformatted text preview: + F2(8) (f : l'00 x 10-2) "*.ft;\*",. ,r.*iir6"*:l^,!r],.*u 3.rfr$.:"rrde) are mixed in a 5'00-L nask' determine the reaction quotient, 9, *iti'" net direction to achieve equilibrium' ,^:t;'ii!i,;ttr"tqluniu'iu* shifts to tt d'4l mb:0.375;the"q"iii"lii''nlt'totneright' g!= # -- We'nt >Y f.i6 =;;;;;'h' equilibrium shifts to q' t"l 'g'o "O:;i;i,1 the equilibrium shiftsto.the left' ;;6=o'rso; trt" svstem is at equilibrium' 8 . For the hypothetical reactions I and2'Kr : 102 and K2 = l0a' i;i:'i,;:::: fuXl*, 2tuc€*",' *Lz *"8 n' +*c' 3. Azc(g) + BzG) t' 2AB(e) + (l/2)cz(e) fiJ,-thevaruerorKrorreaction3?' ;': M = h'{tr u) lo" c) 106 ffi...
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