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Acid Base q+ r& b7 a) 1.02 x 103 kJ b) 0.,149 kJ 4,;f';i3:fl e) 196 kJ 14. Given: o All: y 0r$-tolv' 9. A monoprotic weak acid when dissolved in water is 0.92o/o dissociated and produces a solution with pH = 3.42. HA = Ht+ A- c',& 0.Dt&4 d) need to know the initial concentration ofthe acid e) nong ofthese 10. A 0.10-mol sample of a diprotic acid,H2A, is dissolved in 250 mL of water. The Kur of this acid is f "#'= rxrol' Ftt* *t+c 9.2 pFbt nr,c + f"= # = 5,,56xti" = @ ) tHtJ 00.0 mL of a buffer that is 0.50 M in HOCI and 0.40 M in NaOCl, what is the pH after 10.0 mL of 1.0 M added. K" for HOCI:3.5 x l0-8. UAOfi + V+O!A' -) t't^14 +V+,to o.ol-/Epl -bwrr) = ).v7 S."rXi Y^= 6 Wt --l'oYtot wt= 1-o r/d" t.0 x l0-5 and _X1 - l*to-f o.v Calculate K" of the acid. Si:itj c) 2.8 x l0-3 K"2 is 1.0 x l0-r0. Calculate the concentration of 42- in this solution.
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Unformatted text preview: u) t.o * lo-5 M },f"A € r+ H-i + rtA-b)4.0x10-6M 6"9n - x Y'oaL c) 0.40 M tlA- ;-' t{ -t 4> dltrt.o x ro-10 M Vil;i;'# o olz H,, Y 11. What is the pH of a 0.2 M solution of NHICI? K6 for NH3 is I .8 x l0-5. a) I 1.3 b)2.7 4.;-Q.For I NaOH is P,?i Hii Thermodynamics 13. Consider the reaction C2H'OH(|) + 3Oz(g) -+ Cu2O(s) + (t/z)oztq) -+ 2Cu0(s) Curo(s) -+ ggg + CUO(s) U. 6::?ffe standard enthalpv of formation of Cuo(s)' b)-299 kJ c) +155 kJ d)+299W e)-166 kJ ft=v!a-r b *,,qtr4J-| " = 7.wr + \;# =7.$ [email protected]) + 3HrO(l), Lf{: -1.37 x 103 kJ "t r' : wJu4 ffi Z-7-+t-pu=fka tlsg When a 15.l-g sampl" "r.&r#"#, (molar mass : 46.1 g/mol) is burned, how much energy is released as hed? @nu;olEWw.a x syeo;ltc tun x+t7taa+-re *Jf A.If : -144W LI:P : +11 kJ af...
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