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IMG_0002_NEW_0003 - O-Ea/RI z.e9r lo-3-1 l g"w hK= 260...

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Chem L22 Fall-0g Trtorial 4 Question 1-: For the gas phase reaction wO(S)+Or(g) ---- NOz(S)+Or(S), the following experimental values for the temperature dependance were obtained: Temperature (K) ll k (x10e L.mol-ls-l) ll a) Use the given table Ur (K-1) ll 5 r] >r t0-3 rnk ll n,go 195 1.08 na 2.95 graph to tab 135 Ylo-b zl .xl 396 35.5 ulate and plot J,.t5xto 3 zz''ll lok.rs. 1. T 3 3bY ti\ 8.zl p=
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Unformatted text preview: O ,-Ea/RI z.e9r lo-3-*.-1 l_ g"w hK= 260 5.42 298 12.0 t\ t\ i\ l\ t )--) ,b i t-[.' ir i ;l t;*' I i: t i, I r 24 I Alnk l(-'# +'b'A K23 o.oo2 o.o03 o.oo5 o.oo6 b) R€call the Arrhenius equation, k : Ae-E"/n'r. Determine the activation energy, .Eo, and the frequency factor, A, using the data found in a). I tr 22 2t i I { t !' iI '{ o.oo4 ur (K-r, rb...
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