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c) What is k at ?:50 K? Fc^+ ' Eac^-( Ae -K- Questio n 2z For the uncatal yzed reaction A + B --+ 3 D' the activation energy was determined to bL 25 kJ. when a catalyst was added, the activation energy became 20 kJ. what is the ratio of the rate constant of the catalyzeJ reaction
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Unformatted text preview: to that of the uncatalyzed' reaction? (Assyme thefrequencyfactor,A,istheSameinboth"."u,)1=N'c='tlt-, wnut*\uol Ea='^ Y J J a ca+"J4 ,'ltt[ Va =-nli = e(#l {-i!,n) = !v'nr*l i9 e -- e^#f .'- 7auh,1kil tta,+,o"t i 5 g.tl +^hw lat+!4 +/^pn w6.^tal77of nf ^ 5 JF L *rs...
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