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Chem 122 Fa11-09 Week 6, Tutorial 5 l. Calculate the value of K fbr Oz(e) * O(*) <) O:G) given that NOzG)€NO19*O(e) Or(g)* NO(e) NO21g)* Oz(e) 9 +N,t: === lV}, Oz tl^lz = r.tC a Jg K=6.8x10-ae K=5.8x10-34 t. { o }x ,"*1 )-1
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Unformatted text preview: K = € "y, tit'' )-) 2. Calculate the value of K for 2NaOg € Na2O21.y give that Na2O21.1 Q2Na6;*Oz(g) NaOlryONagl +VOzG) :>NaflrJ>1-> zNa + 0-z_da+ 0- +> Na.fl_ k--L tr'= K,= 5 x 10-2e K=2x l0's 1., l.-l...
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