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3. Consider the decomposition of HOCI at298K 2HOCl6y €) H2O19 + ClzOlr; K = 0.090 If l.200atm of HOCI, 6.000atm of H2O and 5.500atm of CL2O are placed in a vessel and allowed to equilibrate what would be the o/o change in the amount of HOCI? hr + k 1fr2e* l c f ,4" l, -7 lLtr l'F= t4* ig K
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Unformatted text preview: fJ+,x 7. 7Lz y /..r : 6tof t.> n-o tf , l. z, H0 L L ;=' lh,C 1.r_ b->x x l-r->x d+x X - -j'36 o.r-lr.o8z ) X f|+x; ( s t+x) ( t-t -- "' )' = o o7 P noq - 1 z =rx / "*^ln / t- -zx = t J )'), 'Jo tlr*tLUA;*^ r{^1,, I t .5 - t.Jb- = o.fib J.7,2-r-!:4-,ttil-l)...
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