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4. Given the reaction Fe3'1"4 * A8(.) <) Fe2.1ud * Ag.(uq) ^t a*' Calculate the amount of Ag'("d in moVL in solution if 0.60 M of Fe3.1"q; and 0.50 M Fe2t1"q; are put into solution with Agt,l. J O.L c-x E o'6-x k= 6'r *x) x o'(- x c-r o -1 l.lo y /D 1 -- Sh?/t4 /'/o x to-7
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Unformatted text preview: iun'36gqr-. K=1.10x10-2 l<z-< a b x o-JtX X /( X /r va4J S^"f4--l 6het(4 v- o.-F x t-- -a"b- --L' e@ i{ Z )' l'J-zxl"-= I 6k-'L X-- rlzvt> : ), J FB 19< Ul rL / I t ( ,/" ats') ni ) +.- ori 1J.-Y--Tt" octL - >ff ,i/, !r+"*<r-- it { 'V...
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