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LU TODAY,S LECTURE: *REACTION KINETICS'' . Instantaneous Rates . Rate Laws Determining the Rate Law Method of Initial Rates lnstantaneous Rates Instantaneous rate of reaction : rate at any given point in time : slope of concentration versus time curve at any given point in time : derivative of the curve : tangent to the curve Example, at l: 100 s Rate =-dtNql - 0'0026 =2.4x10.5 npl Lrs-r dt 110 Atr:0s Rate:5.7
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Unformatted text preview: x l0-5 mol L-l s-l At r:250 s Rate:8.6 x l0{ mol L-l s-l Att:os Rate: | 6 t ! o.qu : d[o,] dt N{I Decomposition of NO2 2NO2(g) -+ 2NO(g) + Oztg) Rate of Product Formation 2No2(g) -+ 2NO(g) + oz(e) Rate of NO2 consumption : Rate of NO production :2 x Rate of 02 production For example, after 250 s- dNql = 8.6x10-6 rnol Lr s-r dt ry=woa*tf,n yr/n,1'tt5't 4 l I rh "l h't@ t'=F >o....
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