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2nd Order lntegrated Rate Law aA + products Differential rate law: Rste:- dt4l = klAf' dt (D Rearranging, 4A) =-nat lAl' (ii) Integrating: dl^l lAl' 11 - = kt+- tAl [A]o --[mt t Half lst order vs 2nd order I't Order IAI rr dF itr.11 * Etu Half life does not depend on concentration _ ht2l 4' k +_always the same value 0.6 i E 0.. Half life does depend on concentration I I -- "tt - kl|ln = increases with time Second-Order Rate Processes 1l - = Ir+-J-- tAI [A]o If [A]o andkareknown, [A] canbe calculated at any later time
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Unformatted text preview: Second-order Integrated Rate Law : equation for a straight line Qt : mx + c) with: y : llf,Af, x : t, . ffi : k, c : UlAls l0 Time (s) o a Second Order Half Life Definition: HalfJife Half-life: time taken for concentration to fall to half its original value. aA + products ll-=ktl-tAl [A]o t = tyz rrylren tAl = ry In this case, the reaction half-life depends on initial concentration of [A] I tt/, fr[A]o...
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