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I I I I i ! r . TODAY'S LECTURE ,,REACTION KINETIGS" . Zero Order Reactions . Rate Law for >1 Reactant . The Isolation Method . Reaction Mechanisms Rate - M:klAfo-k dt lAl: -frr+[A]o _ [A]. "v2 2k Zero-order Kinetics Integrated rate law: [A] = -kt+fAlo : equation for a straight line (y - mx + c) withy : [A], x : t, m : -k,c : [A]o Zero-Order Rate Processes . Differential rate law aA + products 05a, l\ jr, ^. i \ ^[A] 0.11 \ slop6: ---:_k i'r 1\ ir\. o3f ?i \
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Unformatted text preview: -1 <: \ ,i\ ozj Example of Zero-Order Reaction Platinum catalyzed decomposition of NrO to give \ and O, 2NrO (g) --:!+ +Nr(g) + Oz(g) cte @ % & e S %@ %b tPo qEE qfD {a {& fll=Nzo . Reaction rate limited by availability of platinum surface = Reaction rate does not depend on concentration of N2O in the gas phase. Reaction continues at constant rate until reactants run out, then reaction stops...
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